Import and export growth in the first quarter both fell sharply, indicating that the current domestic and foreign economic needs are relatively weak. Shen Danyang, spokesman of the Ministry of Commerce, said yesterday that China's foreign trade has not yet reached a stall level and will continue to adhere to existing measures to stabilize foreign trade, growth and structural adjustment. quarterly import and export growth both showed a sharp decline, indicating that the current domestic and foreign demand are relatively weak. Shen Danyang, spokesman of the Ministry of Commerce, said yesterday that China's foreign trade has not yet reached a stall level and will continue to adhere to existing measur cheap jordans for sale es to stabilize foreign trade, growth and structural adjustment. "our preliminary analysis of a quarter of the foreign trade import and export situation is relatively stable, the export situation in general, growth in the expected, while imports fell more obvious, to some extent the decline exceeded expectations". Shen Danyang said, "the decline in imports is mainly affected by the decline in the international market prices of bulk commodities, of course, also affected by the slowdown in domestic production of matching imports, investment in import weakening factors."." in addition to foreign trade, the Ministry of Commerce announced yesterday, the first quarter of this year, the actual us Cheap air jordans for sale e of foreign capital China the amount of 214 billion 570 million yuan, an increase of 11.3% (not including data bank, securities, insurance and other areas). Among them, the actual use of foreign investment in service industry grew by 24.1%, and the actual use of foreign capital in manufacturing industry dropped by 3.6% year on year. Shen Danyang explained that the scale and proportion of the use of foreign capital manufacturing industry continued to decline, because some foreign manufacturing enterprises of the original Chinese business has made some adjustments, there is no so-called "foreign evacuation tide". Including some multinational companies have complained about the investment environm cheap jordans for sale mens ent, mainly because of not adapting to the Chinese economy after entering the new normal, such as the rising labor costs, slowing the pace of economic development, as well as some foreign-funded enterprises may also mismanagement. according to the Ministry of Commerce announced the news, in the first quarter of this year, the actual foreign investment of the top ten countries or regions including Hongkong, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, the United States, Germany, Britain, France and Saudi arabia. At home, the actual use of foreign investment growth is faster in the eastern region, the growth rate reached 18.8%, while the central and Western respectively down 26% and 15.2% respectively. cheap jordans online (editor in chief: Asia shoes industry) Iraqi journalist throwing shoes for Bush Apologize to Bush after in Arabia world, to each other throwing shoes is a very insulting behavior. In 2003, American troops entered Baghdad's capital Baghdad to demolish the huge bronze statue of Sadam in the city centre. Iraqi people threw their shoes at the fallen bronze statue. In Arabia culture, is the lowest part of the shoe body, to other people throwing shoes, with each other on their own under the meaning, even if just put your foot on the table, people see their sole, it is very disrespectful behavior. (Editor: admin) choose flyknit preparation material officially released a new "Oreo" color to repla Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping ce the traditional leather uppers AF1 high help version of the air force 1 high flyknit overwhelmed, the WMNS exclusive color, in addition to white midsole and lined black, black ash of the shoe body presents a classic, highlights recreational element; the color of the item 818018-001, or will be in 2016 spring formal debut. source: nikeblogRecently think most are flying on Air Force 1 news and all kinds of sky color shoes, and a pair of Dunk influential in NIKE Sportswears classic camp has been nothing eye-catching style roll out. And when I was struggling to find that end, the pair with denim stitching elements as the main selling point of the Nike Dunk High suddenly appeared in front of me. Seen fr Retro jordans for sale om the spy pictures, the overall design in blue, black and white colors combination, since the material of choice is denim, so retro atmosphere becomes more intense, and this is the biggest reason I like it, I believe it will become your usual dress with a good partner. Source: modern-notoriety & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;[Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] every Olympics, Nike is the best time to show high-tech product development. This year, Nike is for seven Chinese national team to participate in the Olympic event design shirt. China has about 500 million consumers 25 years of age, each bought a pair of Nike shoes, Nike shoes can sell 1 billion, such a huge market makes it difficult to ref cheap foamposites use, which may explain the lower Nike China The reason to make a change in posture. generations of young people of different skin color to generate consumer enthusiasm Nike products, in addition to the stars of the advertising effect, new concepts, new indicators on the Nike sports products in development are thrown so much, Nike has become the sport of high-tech on behalf of the company, the high-tech aura so bright, dazzling, willing to pay to become prime minister of the young Nike abound. tech aura In mid-June this year, Nike MasterCard Center in Beijing Wukesong Stadium seven teams to join the Chinese national team has released a new range of competition clothing, including the Chinese na Retro jordans for sale tional basketball team, track and field team, weightlifting team, tennis, beach volleyball, wrestling team and seven teams, including archery team Chinese Army will wear Nike clothing design appeared on the July London Olympics stadium. The competition clothing full of gimmicks. Chinese track and field team for the design of Nike Pro Turbo Speed ??game service is one of the most eye-catching. Nike side said that wearing this garment will help to enhance the 100 meters sprinter 0.23 seconds performance, because the paragraph from golf clothing using local aerodynamic inspiration - Nike golf ball dimple draws design, to help athletes reduce aerodynamic drag, which will become one of Nike sportswear ev cheap jordan shoes for men er to reduce aerodynamic drag. Nike This product is also playing the green card. Nike says, Nike Pro Turbo Speed ??has experienced 12 years of continuous research and development, after more than 1,000 hours of wind tunnel tests, and therefore an excellent game service performance, durability, but an average of 82% of the raw material of the part from poly ester fiber recycling, in particular, this is the equivalent of 13 recycled plastic bottles made of. Nike said technology is not just used in the London Olympics the Chinese team, the United States, Russia, Germany and other countries on behalf of the team competition clothing will also use this technology. Nike this year to show the Olympic G Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping ames in London the other high-tech projects to the world view of the lightweight design sportswear. Due to advice from professional athletes, plus the adoption of a new patented technology, Nike shoes production of optimized transformation, unless necessary, the shoe minimize the amount of yarn, so that the upper seamlessly. After the shoes of all structural parts and appendages are assembled complete, Nike running shoes uppers a nine yards and a tongue portion of the weight of only 34 grams (1.2 ounces), the weight of the whole shoe is only 160 grams (5.6 ounces), Compared with the previous ultralight Nike running shoes NikeZoomStreak3, weight reduction of 19%. In 2011 at the World Championships marathon champion, runner-up, second runner-up are wearing Nike Zoom Streak3 running shoes, Nike's London Olympics paragraph lighter than the ultra-light running shoes, so Nike CEO Mark & ??middot; Parker (Mark Parker) confidently said: "footwear design and production will therefore be a dramatic change." R & D play the China card In addition to playing high-tech brand, Nike products in the research and development of the Olympic Games also marked the "China card." Nike has always stressed that the global market supply is the same product, not a market in order to meet consumers to open another stove, but Nike China London Olympics team designer clothing is an exception. Nike seven Chinese national team shirt design, into the rich Chinese cultural elements and design concept. On race suits, "Chinese" Chinese characters and "CHINA" English is the most iconic characters on the Chinese Army new equipment designs. Drawn from profound traditional Chinese culture for inspiration, Nike designers bold play in the collision of tradition and innovation, the complex Chinese characters and Chinese contemporary buildings intertwined strokes impressive atmosphere of the beauty combine to create a new character designs. In the "Chinese" Kanji characters, because exaggerated angle horizontal lines of a block is changed, make the font more vivid and unique. Chinese flag's elements are also integrated into one, a red star "country" as the words on the finishing touch, shine. In the uniforms of the Chinese basketball team neckline, printed with "ARISE, MARCHON" (together, forward) slogan, inspired by the Chinese national anthem, intended to cheer for the athletes. Chinese men's basketball player Yi said: "The new uniforms and shoes more light, better ventilation, the design also incorporates Chinese elements, wearing such equipment makes me feel very proud, but also have more confidence to play well. And I also heard these race suits are made of recycled plastic bottles, I appreciate this environmental philosophy & quot; (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News) .